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    Thank you guys 😊
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    Is that a banknote? if Yes from where??
  3. In Poland we have new version of old notes but them still in circulation.
  4. Very nice note, never see that one before.
  5. Scotland, Scotland and more Scotland
  6. I like new series of Maldives notes!! Beautifull note MMMM
  7. In my opinion this "banknote" is a banking cheque.
  8. Found these information in web: http://www.group.intesasanpaolo.com/scriptIsir0/si09/chi_siamo/eng_istituto_bancario_san_paolo.jsp#/chi_siamo/eng_istituto_bancario_san_paolo.jsp http://www.catawiki.com/catalog/banknotes/series/istituto-bancario-san-paolo-di-torino/1892307-italy-50-lire http://www.ebay.com/itm/Italie-Italia-50-lire-I-Bancario-San-Paolo-di-Torino-/110751489849
  9. New Scottish bankotes in collection
  10. Great notes everyone !! A few from new lot. Spain 1000 Pesetas Cabo Verde 100 Escudos
  11. British Military Authority Serbia Latvia
  12. Banknotes from today Too much for scan but just a little photos Malawi Malta
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