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  1. I collect quite a few things. Projects I'm currently working on are a U.S. type set in a Dansco 7070 including gold and a set of German silver 2 and 5 Reichsmarks with the Swastika reverse. I'm also contemplating a 20th Century Ottoman Empire type set including gold if I can figure out a good way to house it as no one makes an album for such a thing. I've completed sets of Anthony dollars, Eisenhower dollars and a U.S. dollar date set from 1878 to 1999. I also have a partial set of Mexican silver Libertads that I started but I'm not sure if I'll pick that back up......modern silver bullion has lost some of its allure for me.
  2. Nice find, you don't see the S mint nickels around much anymore in circulation
  3. Hello all, I've been here before, but I've decided to join up again with a new name!! I collect a variety of different coins, mostly U.S., Ottoman Empire, Modern Turkey, Mexican, Imperial German and Third Reich issues and I'm considering expanding into Canadian coinage. I also collect Turkish and American currency. This is a great board and I'm happy to be back!
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