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    So the obverse is shinier than the picture shows, but hope this helps
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    Hello- I came across an unusual 1961 D Jefferson nickel. I suspect that it was a bad attempt at producing a fraudulent coin, but don't know enough to know. The obverse appears very shiny- almost like a proof coin, but the reverse is not, dull and quite worn- no steps visible. So, it looks like a coin that was plated with something (silver? chrome?) on the obverse, but not the reverse. Further, the edge of the coin shows a faint ridge that runs around part of the coin's edge- hugging closely to the obverse side of the edge. That seems to add to the notion that the obverse was plated? Sorry that I don't have pictures now, but could get to them later. Could this be an unusual error coin, or more likely a fraud attempt?
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