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  1. Thank you for replying, your knowledge and opinion is much appreciated. I did enquire with a coin expert I found on Google who dismissed it as it was an error and wasnt interested in it at all! Anyway I'm going to keep it as I think it's a special find. Again thanks, Sam
  2. I'm obviously no expert but thought there might be other coins out there that might show smaller errors and maybe gradually getting more obvious in the build up in the minting process of my coin? Or is that not how it works? Did the minting machine just have a complete breakdown on one coin? Is that possible? Sorry but this coin has fascinated me and the more I look at it the more I see the incrantacey, thanks Sam
  3. Hello me again, I've been trying to find any similar error coins from that year or anything like it from any year but can't find anything that comes remotely close. Would you have any idea if it would be worth anything. Thankyou Sam
  4. Thankyou for the information, much appreciated
  5. It's on top of the coin, both sides, almost looks like a map. My photos dont do it justice. I havent been able to find anything remotely like it and beleive me I've searched. Coin is dated 1996, I emailed Royal Mint who have passed it to The Royal Mint Museum. Can't seem to attach the email from them which confirms it was an error in the minting process.
  6. Hi can anyone tell me about the errors on this coin
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