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  1. I have been searching the forum for a link to ERROR BANKNOTES as this is a very lucrative part of the hobby. Adherents search diligently for any errors and some specialise in nothing else. I was very lucky some 40 years ago to find several error notes in a bundle of new, uncirculated ones with serial numbers in sequence handed to me by my bank. This was cash I needed to pay my staff. When I saw the errors I sold the complete set to my father, who had a coin collection, at their face value. When he died I inherited his collection and there were some other notes with errors included. I believe there would be much interest shown if a separate link was set up in the forum for comments on ERROR BANKNOTES.
  2. Hi there! If the seller is as reputable as you believe, he/she will allow you to return the coin for a refund if you are not satisfied with it. You may lose the postage both ways, but this will be a small price to pay against the potential loss of a small fortune. I enclose my valuable coins in a sealed coin envelope so that my buyers can inspect them and return them for a refund without actually handling them. I've had no complaints about this and so far, no returns.
  3. I have a collection of coins AND banknotes and I am registered with the Banknote Bank. I would like to put in a link to my website but it seems I have to re-register with the Omnicoin site. Is this really the case?
  4. Hello everyone, I am a new member and am looking at ways to help 'her indoors' in choosing a present for me to enjoy. As a coin collector you understand! I have found that Amazon have a large number of books on coin collecting, but I want something I can read on my computer. Amazon's Kindle ebook reader can be downloaded free but their selection on coins cannot be sold to UK residents. Their UK arm has a few coin ebooks, but for a really good selection you have to download a free Mobipocket, then you can access their library. You will discover that this is also an arm of Amazon, being run by their French division (tentacles everywhere). Using this tool you can preview any ebook you take a fancy to before you purchase.
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