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  1. It couldn't be on the die, because it's raised. So it must have been something on the planchet or in the plating.
  2. I saw a similar retained die cud in the gallery another member had posted and it reminded me of mine. I'll have to look up the year because I didn't have the obverse in my pics:
  3. My friend (a dealer) mentioned the same thing. The mint's computer is supposed to reject these. I'm waiting to see if more show up. The funny thing is, that over the last few months, I've probably opened several hundred rolls and found none. It's just the last batch that we got from the bank that had the two rolls that each had blanks (one in one roll and three in the other).
  4. Today, I cracked open another new bank roll of 2010 quarters and found three more blank planchets! Now this has me wondering how many are out there. I have yet to hear of any others being found on any of the forums and now I have four of them.
  5. While going through a dealer's bargain lot, I found this beauty. 1952-1962 Sociedad Numismatica De Mexico medal. I thought it was pretty cool because it related to coin collecting. It cost $5. The bonus is..... it's 28g. of .925 silver!
  6. The lighting has a lot to do with the way it looks in the pic. In hand, it appears smooth and shiny.
  7. I found this in a brand new roll of 2010 quarters. My first blank planchet:
  8. I'd love to collect the other Dali medals especially the ones he was commissioned to make for Israel but they aren't cheap so it would have to be a concentrated effort for me to spring for them.
  9. LOL! and I fear you might be right. I've already gotten the "ancients" bug. so I'll never say never.
  10. I'm not a medal collector but when I spotted these two a couple of months ago, I had to have them.
  11. The "striations" is commonly called "wood graining". Improper mixing of the alloys. I love these and keep all I find.
  12. You might also want to contact Mike Diamond (Pres. of CONECA) who is the authority on error coins along with Ken Potter who is also a member there (you might have to register): http://board.conecaonline.org/index.php
  13. There's some info below which you may have already found. For the publications, you might try your local libraries or some of the online libraries which may have scanned copies that you can read or scan yourself. You can also contact (pm) Mike Marotta at CoinTalk who wrote this article: http://www.coin-newbies.com/articles/foreign_coins.html There is this site as well: http://www.pdxcoinclub.org/articles/Foreign%20Coins%20Struck%20at%20US%20Mints%20CWNA%20article%20with%20table.pdf And the publications of interest: Domestic and Foreign Coins Manufactured by Mints of the United States 1793-1980, published by Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Mint, 1981 Foreign Coins struck at United States Mints by Charles G. Altz and E. H. Barton, published by Whitman Publishing Company, 1965 Good luck!
  14. What you have is a home-made error and could not have been done at the mint. It is impossible to have a larger planchet in a smaller collar or to have a smaller collar with a larger die. The process does not allow it. The reeding was done by someone practicing their craftsmanship. Neat find, though. However, no premium value other than as a conversation piece.
  15. Yeah...a bad series for them. But, there were several other prefixes that have mismatched serial numbers. Most have been found in eastern Canada, not too many where I am.
  16. How about some Canadian errors? Mismatched serial numbers: Mismatched prefix: Missing digit: Dropped digit:
  17. That's what I figured. I'm seeing them everywhere. Thanks!
  18. This is the first 3 cent coin minted in Canada. I'm not sure of the exact mintage. On a site it states 600 sets minted world-wide which may include the stamp and gold-plated stamp which comes with the set. I don't know whether this pertains to the coin itself.
  19. Because I wasn't too familiar with the different types of U.S. currency, this small investment has taught me a lot and also what to look for. Kind of a neat start to a collection of U.S. bills. I'm pretty happy with it
  20. I went to the local, monthly coin show this morning and bought nothing that I had on my shopping list. So, instead I wound up looking for bargains and I think I did okay. A friend who sells there showed me some stuff that he wanted clear out and I bought all the remaining U.S. bills he had. Nothing fantastic but I didn't have any in my collection. What I got was a nicely framed set of three bills that includes a 1935 One Dollar Silver Certifcate (blue seal), a 1953 U.S. Note two dollar bill (red seal), and a 2003 Federal Reserve Note Two Dollar bill(green seal); "The Many Faces of Jefferson" from the American Heritage Mint that includes two Jefferson nickels (1942 and 2003D), a 1953 two dollar U.S. Note (red seal) and a 2003 two dollar Federal Reserve Note (green seal); a Motto / No Motto Silver Certificate Set with two very circulated one dollar bills- 1935 and 1957 (blue seals). I paid $16.00 Canadian for the works. Sorry about the pics...I was in a hurry to post.
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