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  1. Hi, first post here but came with a question. I've been tasked with trying to identify what appears to be a nickle (cupranickle?) 2 pence from 1989. It has come about from my brother getting it in change a while back and recently looking into it finding only a small article from a tabloid about being rare, but I don't take those things all too seriously. From what I've seen looking at it, it's not plated and looks to be a real 2 pence apart from the colour These don't fully show the colour greatly as they are taken from my mobile. What I'm wanting help with is finding out how I would go about confirming if the coin is a misprint as suspected, or what steps I would take to value it if it turns out to be what it appears to be. Thank you for any help. If pictures didn't work urls to uploads are here http://i68.tinypic.com/2a0m15w.jpg http://i65.tinypic.com/35849w8.jpg
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