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  1. Thanks... just got home... pics on the way OK, there are 2 photos in the gallery (obverse/reverse) of the coin. They can be seen there. It appears that I am not quite bright enough to get them to show up on this post. Don
  2. Thanks Art! I appreciate the reply! It seems there are fakes made for just about everything. Greed drives people to do all kinds of things. I hadn't even thought about the coin being a fake. I bought 3 lots of old trunks last spring from the attic of an old mansion. I ended up getting 20 old trunks, most of them full of all kinds of neat stuff, and a lot of old clothes. Most of the items are from the late 1800s. I am still sorting through it all. I believe my wife has thought of murdering me several times... lol. I am not at home right now or I would attemp to post a couple of pics of the coin. I will post them sunday evening when I get home if anyone is interested in seeing it. Thanks again. Don
  3. Hi all! I recently was fortunate enough to find a beautiful 1887 Canadian 25 cent piece. By comparing it to other examples on the net, I am guessing that it is somewhere around an EF 40 grade. Of course I have no experience in coin grading, so take that for what it is, an unqualified guess . Here is my dilemma, It was in an old leather change purse found in an old trunk. With it were 2 other silver coins (5 and 10 cent) and 3 copper coins. The coin is dirty and has a green cast to it. I was considering sending it to NCS to have it evaluated for conservation and then on to NGC for grading. Thoughts on this? Does anyone have experience with NCS? This coin has scatches, quite a few, but very little sign of wear, again, this is with my inexperienced eye. Thanks for any feedback. Don
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