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  1. Hi. Beautiful set. I have acquired these and were just wondering when the following were worth? They are are UNC inside a Special Made Coin Set Battle of Stalingrad Soviet Soldier Russian War Memorial Berlin Treptow Denfense of Moscow Soviet Partisans Allied Supply Convoys Battle of Stalingrad Tank Battle of Kursk Invasion of Notmandy US and Russian Forces Meet Capitulation of Berlin Capitulation of Germany Occupation of Manchuria Many thanks indeed
  2. Thanks for the info. It was a bit of a impulse buy at £15 from an antique fair as I concentrate on Coinage. Seems like a decent deal!
  3. Hello Gents. New member here. recently came in to the possession of this but after some extensive research I cannot find an example dated 1980. I have taken some scans of the note foe your consideration. As you can see it is mint Was this a rarer year? Many thanks Indeed.
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