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  1. Hallo, my stamper was safe to use. He has significant impact in the metal, It consists of 2 parts metal. A ring around the central part. You can see it easily on screen. Clear on the underside. Under loupe you see leihte Oker-yellow track in the middle of a tool. How do I please get an avatar image from my hard drive? It will be uploaded, but not to see.
  2. The similarity is there, but the Crown is not the same. Another attempt with fingers to compare sizes.
  3. Thanks for the welcome wishes. I also wonder what Google often translated. Is it really that the "die" is a coining dies? Here I have a wax impression, like the Medal should look like. Until I have a really good impression. Here came in the air moist wax. The others are not so clear, and cracked. There are certainly people who collect such a die more than me, then please contact me. This part is very old, and was found in an attic. One question I have, how do you get the avatar a picture? That does not work with me. Greetings Falke
  4. Hello I am the Falko from Germany. I am here occurred because I information about my medals dies Queen Victoria (young) search. Here I have pictures of the coin stamping die. I did not find until now the Medal for comparison. The stamp is the same size as a 5 German Reichsmark piece. (4 cm diameter) Now I hope you can help me. Greetings from Germany Falko
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