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  1. This is a 1953 franklin half that i recarved using the subject of the 1879 silver dollar schoolgirl
  2. This was a carved coin i did for the collector who commissioned the 2005 postcard hobo carving..There could be a few more carving this year pertaining to subject of a hobo on a postcard..this design was a Billzach original, not from a copy..
  3. Old Postcards with hobos as the subject are very collectible today and i thought i would create a subject for one, i used a 2005 nickel..i didn,t copy the design from anyone,s design, it was a billzach original design.
  4. This is a recarved buffalo nickel i just finished..His name is" Sweeney " a fine irish lad..
  5. this is a coin i just finished, the subject is the 1879 schoolgirl pattern dollar carved on a 1945 quarter.
  6. I,m not sure which coin i had posted, but i,ll add a nice silver dollar to posting.
  7. Sorry, i don,t have a web site...Collectors who have purchsed my carvings from time to time post then on the O.H.N.S. web site..
  8. This is what i call a penny-bo..I gave pennies i recarve this name about 6 years ago..The subject is a old engraver tired out from a hard day at the mint..He still has his old apron on..
  9. I,ll email you, If i remember right we,re not suppose to buy, sell or trade on forum.
  10. This is #2 of a series of 5 quarters that i,m recarving for a collector..The subject is one that came to me as i recarved the quarter..I don,t want to over do my welcome. so let me know if you want to see more...All my carvings are done by hand with knife and gun engraving tools.
  11. I used to post my recarved coins on another link here on the forum, i think it,s been about 5 or 6 months since my last post..I,m a coin carver, i,m not sure this is the right forum to show my work, so let me know,, a lot of my recarved coins use subjects of the old days and famous people..as you can see this was a 1937 buffalo nickel before i recarved it...
  12. as some of you have stated the mint mark is a biggest giveaway on the fake i posted , thank all of you for replys, i hope new collectors see what to look for..
  13. the 1914 d coin in my picture was indeed a fake, but it wasn,t what you see most often for sale as someone trying to pass a altered 1944 d pennyas a 1914 d ...the 1944 d penny which is most oftened used to be alterted into a 1914 d penny has or the ones i,ve seen have a dead giveaway to being fake and that is the space between the 9 and 1 being to wide because of the number 4 being alterted into a 1..i,ve seen these fakes on ebay bring a high dollar, probably the bids were from a new collector who thought they were buying a real 1914 d..but if you look at the coin i posted it doesn,t have that wide space between the 9 and 1, which would fool a new collector all the time and maybe a few older collectors part of the time..here,s the catch, a engraver like myself can move metal, not far, but a little, so after the 4 was converted to a 1, i moved it to the left which took away the wide space most fake 1944 d have..[ps] the coin i pictured was engraved on reverse very deep with the word COPY as to prevent it being sold as a real 1914 d penny...i,ve a picture of a fake 1914 d with the wide spacing between the 9 and 1, let me know if you want me to post a picture of it..
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