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  1. Here is a picture with two pennies together..!
  2. Thank you Olde wordly ( have you got a shorter name I could use) ha ha x
  3. Hi Art..thank you for your reply...this wee coin is much lighter in weight to the common copper ones..the silver has worn off..and underneath it's a duller silver colour ?
  4. Hello...I'm new here and I have many coins that I need to have identified...they are from a collection my father had..he died in 1974 and I've had them all that time..I opened up the boxes and I'm a bit overwhelmed...I'm pretty sure there are no 'little gems'...however, there might be one or two worth a couple of quid...I thank you all in advance for your help..First one (attached)...it's a 1914 penny...but not copper it's silver (lightweight) metal..and the silver has worn off in places..I've googled everything I know..but nothing is coming up..any ideas? Thank you xx
  5. Thank you..yes it's british coins to start with..then I've got the rest of the world to deal with x
  6. Oh and could you post a link for me to follow...sorry..I get lost in forums ha ha x
  7. Thank you very much...where is the best place to put pictures of coins that I'am having trouble identifying...? Thank you
  8. Hello..I'm just new..I have been looking through so,e coins my dad left me (he died in 1974) he was a coin collector and to be honest..I don't know anything about most of the coins..I would love it if I could ask you to help me out with some mysterious coins..from UK and all over the world...thank you in advance x
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