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  1. Origin Central Asia Kazakistan-Kırgızstan.
  2. Thank you very much. I hope this forum experts can help me. Unable to read some of the coins because nowhere experts.
  3. I have read, but can not find coins, which is owned by the State. these coins Islamic coins. Thanks to this forum do you have specialists in Islamic coins.
  4. You found it in the Black Sea region of the original Greek money. I'm preparing a catalog of 250 pieces of coins from 552. It's almost over. Grecian, Roman, Scythian, Buhardudat Old Khwarezm, Old China (Wu shu, Tang, Song, Ming) Kushan, Eftalit, Türgiş, Karluk, Chagatayid, Karakhanid et al. The original? Thanks
  5. I'm in the Islamic period. But I've got 4-5 old Grecian-I want to be able to have the money. Periods period miniature video camera system. I academic. The Honourable Miss, thank you.
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