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  1. Here's a couple of promotional contests to win free coins. You do have to sign up for free, but nothing else is required. Coin Contests
  2. I am going with MS62 since I have sent way too many Peace Dollars to PCGS and learned a thing or two the hard way. Of course, this is my opinion based on images alone. It's a nice coin save for a couple heavy marks.
  3. I think AU55 is a good guess for this coin, but if it's a weak strike then it could make MS60.
  4. It a possible EF40, but not less than VF30. Here's a link to photograde Photograde Buffalo Nickels Nice coin by the way!
  5. New error pictures will be added soon.
  6. Very useful information for finding out the silver value and specifications for World Coins World Coin Silver Value Charts
  7. Ken Potter attributed it as VCR#8/DDR#8 click on the link to see the pictures. http://coinauctionshelp.com/TPGS_FORUM/php...?f=11&t=964
  8. Why not point to specific links? These sellers are ruining the hobby, and can't take legal action because they know they're frauds. They might threaten to take legal action, but they don't have any ground to stand on and are just blowing smoke. Visit my website because I don't hold any punches.
  9. You should sell them on ebay, if the coins are authentic United States coins. I wonder if many of these coins are authentic that people are bringing in. I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but it's a consideration.
  10. Carbon spots are actually many different things, it could be an oxidized silver spot from a bead of sweat or other moisture, or greese from the die that struck the planchet, or insect scat or droppings (possibly bird droppings at some older mints). It devalues any coin because people think the coin has a problem, but if the spot is removed, then the value can really decrease because the coin appears cleaned. I just would wait on another coin if you don't think you can live with the spotting.
  11. Here's a nice website that offers full color pictures, for most coin types, and in all grades. It's a great resource to help collectors grade their coins and learn what the grades look like. PhotoGrade and grade comparison website
  12. Here's a link to mint error coin pictures. Mint Error Pictures
  13. This website has over 124 grading holder pictures, and needs more information, so if you have any info on the TPGS listed or know if one that's not listed, please email the site owner so they can add it.Grading Company Webiste
  14. Here is an informative read on Proof, DMPL, Proof Like and Sem-Proof Like Morgan Dollars. It's a must for the collector who doesn't know facts like how many inches should you be able to clearly see a number or letter in the fields of Morgan Dollar before it's considered DMPL. Pictures and important facts included. I suggest anyone to read this before bidding on any ebay Morgan Dollars. DMPL & PL Morgan Identification Guide
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