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  1. If you collect Transportation Tokens, and are not a member of the American Vecturist Assocation, consider joining. Joining the AVA simply involves completing a Membership Application. Once you join the AVA, you will receive: * the Fare Box, the AVA's monthly newsletter containing articles, stories, and information about various tokens, want ads, for sale listings, etc. * a complete listing of all AVA members, putting you in touch with fellow collectors around the world. * information about joining the AVA New Issue Service. With the New Issue Service, you will receive new tokens (usually every 4 to 8 weeks) at very reasonable prices. * various AVA Catalogs that discuss transportation tokens available at large discounts off the regular price. * an invition to the AVA convention held in a different city every year. At the convention, you can attend exhibits and tours, buy, sell, and trade tokens, as well as attend the auction and the banquet.
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