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  1. Sorry, I acknowledge the error. :)
  2. Hello everyone. After more than 10 years I am back here. Happy New Year!
  3. well, i am very much in passion for anything russians particularly during the past era of communism. i collected a lot and somehow i am unloading my collections, i would consider this to go if someone might have an interest at fair offer. i have belts, watches, pins and other things, and this is a kind that is rare. this thing is well kept. bon chnce to anyone out there, thank you for welcoming me, and for the resourcefulness,very much appreciated gxseries, and to everybody here, also scottishmoney.
  4. the coins inside the the plastic casing
  5. quote name='gxseries' date='Apr 17 2007, 03:06 PM' post='318109'] I don't know where on earth you are getting your sources from but that's absurd. Links will be appericated. No gold coins were minted from 1924 (1923 is a one year type) until 1975 when the chervonets were restruck. There are two different packaging for this, that is the hard case and the soft plastic sheet. I have only seen a 1974 set in hard plastic case but have seen both 1973 and 1975 in soft sheet. Both 73 and 75 are quite expensive and I presume that if a 74 mintset does exist in plastic sheet, it will be rather valuable. it does exist i have here in red plastic binder and soft plastic sheet like the one in your photos. maybe its not gold or silver, whatever, it's good to know it's quite rare.
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