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  1. Hi there, I am having a spot of trouble identifying a coin and there is nothing on the internet apart from 2 pages. The description I can give is: Side 1: Crowned the capital letter M decorative tendrils BRNIENSKEY · GROSS · below in two rows, · 1608 · below. All the astragal. Side 2: DG Marchio MORAVIAE around the astragal. Moravian checkered eagle in internal astragal. Looks to be copper and looks to be the same condition as a 10 year old 2 pence coin. I have done a spot of history and have assumed the following: The coin was made in Brno, Moravia in 1608 just as Matthias took over Margrave of Moravia from his brother (the capital M) The coin is minted, and in Gross currency Moravia was having leadership problems so coin may have had a short run Brnienskey is Brno, Moravia, then part of Austria Any help would be great to its history, value and if its real!
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