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  1. The higley is a Becker copy.
  2. I will use a magnet on it when it arrives. The real ones are over 99% copper. The 3 ancient coins that were part of the lot may all be fakes. The last one for sure because it says copy. The claim by the lister is that they are part of their grandpas estate. If they knew anything about Higleys real or fake, they would of had higher bids by listing it as a real or fake Higley.
  3. I found one like that behind my garage with "25" on it. I think its part of an old childs game too.
  4. I do a lot of coin buying on ebay and lately I started looking through listings with key words like "Unknown" and "unidentified" when searching for good deals on coins. Its not only fun for me to identify, but it opens up posibillities for great deals that other bidders don`t find. I found a 4 coin lot listing a few days ago with 3 ancient coins and a 4th coin with a deer and axe on other side. I searched the words "Value me as you please" and " Cut my way through" online and found a lot of info on Higley coins. I endded up winning the auction at $20. I think I got a great deal even if its fake. After its shipped to me I will measure it, weight it and check the side for any writing.
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