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  1. Hi and hello! I'd like to ask you for your opinions about these two "coins". I bought them many years ago and since then I'm not able to identify them. Maybe you will help me. #1 Metal: low-grade silver Diameter: 22-21 mm Weight: 0.58 g Shape: cup-shaped #2 Metal: silver Diameter: 16,5-17 mm Weight: 1.47 g Thanks for help! DagonX
  2. Maybe this one: http://www.m4n.pl/ DagonX
  3. I have no idea about prices of these coins on eBay, but I'll write how much similar ones cost in Poland right now: 1. 5 zlotych 1935 "Pilsudski" - ~27$ 2. 2 zlote 1934 "Jadwiga" - ~32$ 3. 2 zlote 1933 "Jadwiga" - ~35$ 4. 10 zlotych 1934 "Pilsudski" - ~80$ 5. 10 zlotych 1932 "Jadwiga" (without mint mark) - ~36$ DagonX
  4. Lovecraft's style is sometimes really uncommon for me too - but the world which he has created is fascinating, so complex and... terrifying. If you want to listen one more his story, check this: http://ebookee.org/At-The-Mountains-Of-Madness-Audiobook-_905841.html you can download there "At the Mountain of Madness", read by the same narrator - Richard Cyle. DagonX
  5. Few minutes ago I've finished to listen the first part and... WOW! Very good listening, great narrator! One more time - thank you very much for this! DagonX
  6. In Poland we called this type of shillings "boratynka". And about this one: year: 1663 mint: Oliwa mintmaster: Georg Friedrich Horn (GFH) DagonX
  7. The Second Polish Republic coins are, in my opinion, the most beautiful "modern" polish coins. People's Republic issues are fine, but they don't have so much... beauty. I have agree - "Enigma" was gorgeous. But two years ago we minted another wonderful coin commemorative 65th anniversary of Lodz ghetto liquidation. Here's pics: Thanks for that. I'm sure I'll listen this today or tomorrow. DagonX
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