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  1. The coin values publication put out by Coin World lists a 1972 High Relief Ear Eisenhower Dollar. I have never heard of this variety and found nothing when I Googled it. Can anyone tell me about this variety of 1972 Eisenhower?
  2. Does the term 'uncirculated' mean that the coin was never placed in circulation, i.e sent directly from the mint to the collector? Or does a coin sent to a bank an then to a collector qualify? Or does it mean only that there is no visible wear and may have been circulated from mint to bank and to a few people before being obtained by a collector?
  3. drwstr123 - the 1922-D coin looks like the new pennies I see. I guess the MS65 coins I have seen are not true MS65s. Thanks for placing this photo for me to see. mjc
  4. In looking at Lincoln cents from the past 20 years, I can clearly see hair on Lincoln's jaw but in MS65 photos of early Lincoln cents (1909-1950), I see no hair. Has the facial hair of Lincoln become stronger in recent years? Otherwise I don't understand how a new penny I get in change at the store can have better features than an MS65 penny I see from the early 1900's.
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