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  1. Slovaks are very devout Catholics. My wife is Slovak and we visit her family often. We'll actually be there through July. During Catholic mass, they actually blare the ceremony through loud speakers throughout the town. My wife says it's just for the old and infirm who can't go to the ceremony, so they can still hear it. Of course that's why we have radio and tv, but I digress. The coins look nice. You're right that the mountain image doesn't do the high tatras justice. I've taken some nice pics of that place. If anyone wants to see, it's buried somewhere in my gallery on another site: tarthursmith.deviantart.com (don't worry no "deviant" art in my gallery, it's just the stupid name of the site ) My only decent coins (worth showing here) are silver commemoratives of Slovakia. If I ever get a chance to take good photos, I'll show em.
  2. Sweet! Thank you very much. It'll take time to memorize, but the info's much appreciated!
  3. so and so


    Is the idea that they used other metals to produce them?
  4. so and so


    what does notgeld mean? It wasn't minted and circulated? And are these all German?
  5. Thanks for the help! One thing though, those forums don't really explain how the value system works, or maybe I didn't find it? Could someone just explain it really quick? Also, many of the images from those pages no longer work.
  6. I collect foreign coins and I was wondering if there's a good site that shows lots of european coins, going back in history, with a picture and description for each coin. Any and all forum suggestions are welcomed. Also, I never could figure out how the English system of values worked for coins, when they switched to the new penny, and how it worked beforehand. If anyone could tell me, I'd appreciate it.
  7. Hi, I'm new here, and I have a small collection of foreign coins, mostly European, but some other areas. I like to collect "regular" coins, that were used everyday from modern times to previous generations (until they get pricy). For me, it's a way of seeing history, understanding a country and how it's people lived. Plus some I like for aesthetic value. I'm looking to expand my collection, and always looking for advice on where to do that (I live in Boston). I also have a few asian coins that I can't make heads or tails out of. I'll try and post some once I learn how - how does everyone else post pics here? can I post a URL? Anywho, Anyone who wants to talk coins, answer my questions, etc please reply or email. Thanks.
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