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  1. This is the front of the coin.
  2. Thanks for the re-size. Yeah, it's strange, I just keep thinking...man if it's not a defect someone had way too much time on their hands. There are a couple of things about the coin that are odd though. I wish I could get in closer with the camera to show it. On the right side there is a small section of the rim that is not damaged yet that recurring shape is dented into the field of the coin. I will try to get a closer image of it soon. I can't imagine how they managed that. Also, on the other side, the planchet or rim (still learning the lingo) moves in with the shape of these notches. That would be very difficult for someone to do. I will get a picture of that up today.
  3. I am new to collecting coins. I do not know much about coins or their production defects. I found this wheat penny a few years back, maybe 2006. I found it basking in the sun on an old concrete parking lot amongst some gravel on a hot summer day. I wasn't collecting at the time, but I picked it up because it looked very strange. I chunked it in a drawer and forgot all about it. A few days ago I saw it and was intrigued to learn more about what may have happened to this penny. It appears cleaned up because I washed it up with a non abrasive pH 10 special cleaner. I wanted to see more detail on the coin. Things I feel to be true about this coin: 1.It has spent considerable time in circulation. Coins do not get worn like this just sitting still. 2.The strange notches around the edge appear to be original to the coin. They are as aged as the rest of the coin. 3.Inside the notches (this may not be visible in the pictures) there are very straight lines or groves. In other words, these notches seem to have been punched out of the penny. So, I hope to gain some advice from this great group of people here when I ask: What on earth had happened to this penny? How could it have circulated for so long in this shape? Has anyone ever seen this before? I tried to upload a photo or two, they are too large, and it doesn't like the smaller version either. I'll have to figure something out. Thanks for reading!
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