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  1. Hello it's farthing sized !! Have you got any idea ?
  2. Hello from France I find a new token. So I have new questions ... Is it English ? Is the King GEORGE III ? buste : George III or not http://img.over-blog-kiwi.com/0/82/98/46/20171202/ob_1f79fd_george-iii-hermes-caduce-medecine.JPG What was this utilities? Thanks JYV
  3. I am lucky to have found a new nice coin. A silver CROWN 1819 GEORGES III. It is a nice coin and I have discovered a particularity. When you look the X of REX you see a surfrappe. It’s strange for me. Some one can explain why you find this default on a coin of this quality. Many thanks (a french man with a poor english writting).
  4. Hello I have find a new strange coin. So, Is it a coin or a medal ? What is your view ? Do you know her history ? For me, I think that it is a coin. It is dated 1871 around the Coinage Act 1870. Georges III is on this coin in memory of his Coinage Act 1816. Am I in right ? or have you another idea ? http://spade-guinea-george-iii.over-blog.com/2016/04/one-florin-1871-georges-iii.html#ob JYV (a french man so sorry for my English)
  5. hello thanks for your answer When i have a look this coin, i see that there is a old hole in the edge above the head of the king. so it is very rare
  6. Hello On http:\ we read that this coin/token is very rare. Less than 2000 examples exist ? Have you the real nomber ? 1500 ?? or less ??? How many in private collector ? So I am very happy to have one.
  7. I have found this Evasion Token, I have 2 questions 1 - I do not manage reading the name of the engraver Could you help me ? Is it BACHALL ? ( Name read on the neck of king ) Or who else ? 2 - the date is : 1696 not good with George III or who is it ? thanks JYV
  8. hello beautiful Another type http://spade-guinea-george-iii.over-blog.com/article-hanover-george-iii-medaille-1760-117886172.html
  9. Hello, Everybody knows varieties berries or no berries. In my view, i have another varietie : 1805 1805 : the 5 has been transformed into 6 1806 original is it rare ?
  10. Thanks, with this information i understand better internet information. JYV
  11. Hello, On @, you find plenty of medals engraved by Droz about George III and FELICITAS PUBLICA SAL. REG. REST 1789 . These examples were great in silver or in white metal and always with the serpent’ s body behind the middle leg of the tripod. Mine medal is in a poor condition BUT http://idata.over-blog.com/3/66/07/58/P1010195-copie-1.JPG http://idata.over-blog.com/3/66/07/58/P1010196.JPG the serpent’ s body is in front of the middle leg of the tripod. The metal is copper The medal is recovering about gold ??? So, my question is : my medal in poor condition is very rare or not ? Thanks
  12. Another nuremberg George ii http://idata.over-blog.com/3/66/07/58/GEORGE-II/P1030910.JPG http://idata.over-blog.com/3/66/07/58/GEORGE-II/P1030911.JPG
  13. In another condition http://idata.over-blog.com/3/66/07/58/RSCN5121.JPG http://idata.over-blog.com/3/66/07/58/RSCN5122.JPG
  14. Hello, i am happy to have found this good news about my medal of LORD CHATMAN 1773 My medal is less beautiful but it is mine to see more http://spade-guinea-george-iii.over-blog.com/pages/Lord_Chatham_William_Pitt_Bronze_1773-6908578.html
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