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Love Token

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Guest Stujoe


Love Token


Image Courtesy of Jade Rare Coins


invdot.gifLove Tokens are coins that have had one side smoothed down flat and been re-engraved by hand. They were most often given to a 'sweetheart' to show the giver's affections. They can be found with either one or both sides engraved. Most often they are encountered with initials ornately engraved into them with a very fancy design. Sometimes, poems or other messages were engraved instead. The quality of the design varies greatly with the skill of the person who engraved them but many are quite interesting and beautiful in design.


invdot.gifThe tradition itself dates back to earlier in Europe but didn't become really popular in the US until around the time of the Civil War. The practice lasted through the latter 1800's and most of them will be found to have been made with coins from these dates. Dimes were a very popular denomination to use but they can be found in many other denominations also. Love Tokens are an interesting addition to any coin collection.


For additional information, please visit this site:


Love Token Society

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