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1 Rouble 1921-1922


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Composition: Silver 900/000

Weight: 20g

Diameter: 35mm


АГ = A. Gartman (1921-1922)

ПЛ = P. Latyschev (1922-1927)


This was the first 1 Rouble coin minted after the October Revolution. It is sometimes called "Star Rouble", because it has a very large star with nominal value on the reverse. On the other side is the new national arms of Russia, the hammer ad sicle surronded by wheat sprays and a very familiar phrase "ПРОЛЕТАРИИ ВСЕХ СТРАН, СОЕДИНЯЙТЕСЬ!", workers of the world, unite! Under the arms reads "РCФСР", RSFSR for Russian Socialist Federated Soviet Republic. In 1924, after the USSR was formed in 1922, РCФСР was replaced with CCCP.


Until 1931, all silver coins were minted in the same old standard as the imperial coins since 1886.

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P.S. the 1922 ruble is worth a lot more than the 1921 ruble because there are a lot less 1922 rubles. You can probably get a 1921 star ruble around 20USD or so, but a 1922 ruble will cost at least 4 to 5 times more, becaue of it's scarcity :ninja: Therefore, if you do happen to see a 1922 ruble, snap it right away if you think the value is right. ;)

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That's right! To make it even harder, there are two differend Roubles of 1922, one with А.Г and an other with П.Л on the edge.

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Super XXL images for people who want details of this coin:


Concerning proof star rubles, the Heifetz and Goodman sales (Superior) both had several proof sets of 1921 and 22. These were split up, and have been offered at various times by Superior and the Goldbergs during the Hesselgesser sales of the last few years. I bought the Heifetz 1922 AG proof for around $1900. It is in an NGC PF66 slab, and truely is an outstanding coin. It may or may not mean anything that it is the highest graded example at NGC, and PCGS (I think). Interestingly enough, the same Superior sale (January 2004) featured the 1922 PL proof from the same Heifetz set as my AG; it went for over $4000!!, and is not as nice (an NGC pf65). I looked at it and it is definitely not as nice as the one I bought. So why did it go so high? I am not sure, but there are two varieties of 1922 PL rubles. One has the comma between BCEX CTRAH placed close to the letter "H", the other has the comma mid-way between the "H" and the beginning letter "C" of the following word. The PL version in the auction had the rarer placement. But $4000+??? I think this was an example of auction fever. Anyway, I am happy that I got the nicer of the two coins.

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P.S. There are PROOF rubles for both 1921 and 1922, but they are exceeding scarce, and easily go over 1,000USD because of their extreme scarcity. :ninja:


Here is a picture of my 1922 proof rouble referred to earlier. A nice proof rouble like this is easily worth over $2000 today, maybe $3000.



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