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World Coin Lots!!

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Time to get rid of all of my duplicates and extras!!! Represented are 57 different countries and 1000 coins!! I will be selling 10 lots of 100 coins each! Included in this bunch are coins ranging from the early 1900's like a nice 1906 silver Russian 20 Kopeks and 1921 silver Swiss 20 Rappen, through WWII with coins like the 1946 silver Swede 1 Kronor and the 1945 Spanish 10 Centimos, on to latter 20th century coinage like the 1998 Chilean 100 Pesos and the Jamaican 1995 $5 coin!


This mix is full of good catches and duplicates alike. I'm not guaranteeing 100 unique coins, you may get a few that are exact duplicates (like Dominican Republic 1990 25 centavos), but it's all gonna be a very nice lot that should book well over the price! Many of these coins book from the 2002 Krauss for $0.30, $0.50, or even over $1.00 each!


Gotta pay bills and gotta feed the need for more coins, so it's all gotta go! :ninja:


$25 for the first 100, $20 for each 100 thereafter. Includes shipping within the U.S. Outside the U.S., we'll need to negotiate shipping! If anyone wants the full load (includes about 15% duplicates!), $185!!!


Thanks for looking!


Accepting Paypal (all forms of funding), money orders, and checks. No trades on this one, thanks!



Currently 10 lots of 100 each available!

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