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Round 2


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Guys and Gals


Yesterday saw the last category of Round 1 go up (Ancient), and two categories of Round 2 (Commem & Modern) have gone up also.


In total there are 32 posts to vote in. This number may seem a tad excessive, but last week i lost my internet connection due to the phone line being faulty [again] and thus i was unable to post up the competitions on the saturday that i intended. Thus i've had to post this weeks and last weeks together to stay on schedual. Apologies for that.


Next week will (hopefully connection permitting) see the Early Twentieth go up on the saturday. Nineteenth may go up on the sunday but both of these groups are of 16 pairings each so i dunno if i'm that inclined to do that as it takes a long time to put them up.


After that things should start calming down a bit as the groups start getting smaller and more managable.


Anyhow, vote, vote, vote!

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Come on...Broadband is so cheap now...my package also gets the cat wormed and a free hammered coin every month for less than £15....dial up MUST be costing more...and the frustration.

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<Come on...Broadband is so cheap now. >

Yours may be 15 pounds but where I'mat it would be the equivelent of 54 pounds. My dial-up is 9. I do have a wireless connection as well. It isn't as fast as broadband but it is better than dial-up, about 10 to 20 times faster for 16. The wireless connection is better for pictures but as time passes people keep adding more and more pictures and animation and it is now overwhelming the wireless.

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Thanks guys!


Round 3 is drawing to a close and various bits and bats of Round 4 are up, the quantity going through now should be greatly reduced and some categories are nearly down to two coins already. In a few weeks time all of the categories will be down to two coins in each and then we'll have the group finals, the winners of each group (8 in total), will then go against each other and we're on the home straight for the Grand Final.


PCI-X[tra] will be taking submissions very, very shortly and that should be starting in about two weeks max.



PCI7 is on the cards also, although it will be a little different this time, although until we see how PCIX does i'll say no more on it.

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