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Really thin planchet dime

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I found this dime in my change the other day, I think the planchet is too thin, I almost wonder if it was meant for another type of coin the mint makes? The coin is flat on roseys face, and all the edges are flat, as well as nearly 3/4th's of the rim lacking any reeding. If you guys have any information on something like this, I'd appreciate it.






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I thought that at first too, but the only spot on the coin that has any marks on it is around the date, the same area where there is some corrosion. I assume someone tried to rub the green gunk off or something. The coin is not any wider than a normal dime, which would show that it was hammered, plus everything is somepletely even on it. My guess is it was a thin planchet, that didn't have a full strike, hence the flat high parts of the relief, and then got spent, corroded some, and someone attempted to clean it around the date to see what it was. The reverse shows no file marks and is completely smooth (except for metal flow) even under a 16X loupe. I know those pictures are cruddy, but I still don't have anything to take good macro photo's, just a scanner. Hope that helps some.

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something post mint is under the date for sure... that is grinding of some sort...


do you have a scale??


Not a digital one sadly. :ninja:

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