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NGC Grades back in.......I nailed this submission.


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Ok so here is a link you can see my original predictions in this previous thread: (Warning this link takes you to the TCCS website)




Grade Expectations


I was right on with my predictions except for one coin which got a slight bump in grade from what I had originally guestimated so all in all I was very happy with what came back to me ;)


I sent in two NGC coins for regrades:





1884-O MS62 came back a 62 as I suspected but it should be reverse holdered so that was the main reason I submitted it. :ninja:






1885-O MS62 came back 63* as I had prognosticated it would and should......I love this coin. Best $42 bucks I ever spent :lol:





Sent 2 coins in for normal grading:




1882-S Morgan bought raw on Ebay....I thought MS64......NGC agreed. Amazing luster on the colorful reverse, but it was noted on the invoice to reverse holder it and they didn't so I'll have to get that corrected...DOH :cry:





1876 Dime...thought this one might BB for a small staple scratch that had toned over on the obverse and if it graded...I said AU50....came back AU55 ;)



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Finally sent in one ANACS MS64 1936-D Buffalo Nickel that I expected to come back with the same grade....just wanted it in an NGC holder so I could add it to my Signature set.......NGC said MS64.







So while the coins aren't really worth a whole lot more in their new holders....the submission met and even surpassed my expectations a wee bit :ninja:

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Very nice coins. You seem to have the grading standards well in hand. I especially like that Buffalo.

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Great to see the upgrades and grades you didn't think would happen.


For $42 that one coin would have been mine in a second. The upgrade is just icing on the cake.


Too bad about the 82-S. Thought it had a chance at *.

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If you had seen the Ebay picture for the 85-O....you might have thought me nuts for spending $42 but I could tell their was some bands of color in the blurry and dark scan and low and behold this showed up on my doorstep :lol:


The 82-S looks nicer than quite a few of the Battle Creek's that got * designation but I did not figure it would get it. It's still very pretty and it shows that if you know what your doing you can still find nice colorful raw morgans on Ebay. :ninja:

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