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N M Rothschild bicentenary medals?

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Hi All,


I saw 2 of these in a jewellers shop window and couldn't resist.


According to the jeweller they are 6.9g fine gold each but there are no hallmarks.


One side has the enscription "Merchants and Bankers 1798-1998 N M Rothschild & Sons" and the other has the Rothschild emblem of 5 arrows representing the 5 sons sent out across Europe to each start a business.


The medals are in plastic cases which fit each fit neatly into a leather boxes with the inscription "To commemorate the bicentenary of the foundation in 1798 of N M Rothschild".


Has anyone heard of these before?


They look like gold proofs to me but I'll do the maths tonight any work out if they are the right weight for their diameter and thickness.


Will upload scans when I get a chance.





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Sorry for the long wait, I've been having fun getting my new scanner working under Linux :ninja:


Weighed them and they are actually about 11.5g each.


They measure 3.5cm diameter and are about 2mm thick.


On closer inspection (doh!) they are hallmarked on the rim with several different marks including "RLH" (Rothschild?) and 585 which I take to mean 14K gold.


23g of medals at .585 equals 13.455g fine gold which is 0.4326 troy ounces fine.


I paid £170 for the pair and at spot gold of £328 per ounce the gold content is worth around £142.


These are my first non-coins and I'm very happy with them.






[Problems with image, please see my later post]

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