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500 Euro notes and 12 Euro coins


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The €12 coins will be about as "common" in Spain as the €500 notes. Except that those coins are not even legal tender in Euroland - only in the issuing country, like all those other pieces with non-standard denominations.


As for the high value notes, let me just post my reply that I have already posted elsewhere. :ninja: The nickname "Bin Laden" for those notes is funny. Apart from that, this kind of money laundering seems to be a big problem in Spain indeed, particularly with real estate transactions.


Don't know if Spain has already put the EU directive 2005/60/EC regarding money laundering into national law; judging from the article you posted, they may have done that just now. According to that directive, any payment of more than €15,000 (cash or not, in one or more transactions) is not "anonymous".



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