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GOETZ: K-688 Commemorative

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Renovation of the Chapel on the Moritzen-Berg, 1908, Struck Silver Proof Klippe, 31mm x 31mm, 11.6g, PP/STMPL, RRRR.


Obverse: Legend: SANCT/ MAVRI- / TIVS


Reverse: ZVM/ GEDÄCHTNIS/ DER V.HERM.FVRER/ VON HAIMENDORF/ RENOVIERTEN KAPELLE/ AVF/DEM/ MORITZEN-BERG/ 1908 (To commemorate the chapel on the Moritzen-Berg renovated by Hermann Fürer von Haimendorf 1908).




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Wow that is quite a piece!  Your photography skills are enviable too!



I agree! :ninja:

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