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Some new additions


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Here's some new coins I have bought this month.




1881 One third of a farthing. NGC MS64 RB Mintage of 144,000




Gordonian III Silver Antoninianii 238-244 AD. Strictly speaking I don't collect Roman coins but I like'd this one.




1872 Gothic 1 Florin. Not in great condition but I haven't got one and it was going cheap.




1913 1 Penny. NGC MS64 BN




1899 Maundy 3 Pence. PCGS MS66


and more to come soon hopefully.......

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Another coin just recived today for my collection.


1879 large date penny ref. Spink 3954 obverse 8, reverse J (Freeman 96, Peck 1714), not as rare as the small date (obv 9, rev K), but rarer than the incuse-lined leaves (obv 9, rev J).

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