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trying not to salivate at the bank today.......


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I stopped into my neighborhood bank this afternoon to pick up some rolls of Kennedy halves. The teller was relieved to get rid of some, as "some older man just cashed a bunch in, and they are all older ones". My mind raced as I thought of rolls upon rolls of Walkers or other silver halves. After unrolling the 7 rolls, I found they were all Kennedy '76 Bicenntinal halves, with a couple of '64s thrown in. I guess I just bought somebody's old '76 hoard. :ninja:

Oh well, better luck next time.............





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I searched $150 worth two weeks ago and found one silver....about 20 au/uncs still clean with bright edges and all. Other than that, back to another bank where I "dump" my unwanted ones lol.

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