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Copper Mining V


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Today after noting that Burks and SMS were buying boxes of $25 worth of cents, I did the same and broke with the $20 thing.


The finds continue to astound:



2 Euro Cents 2003 D (Never realised these are the same size as a cent.)



George VI




Elizabeth II


1964 X 2



1926 ! :ninja: Oldest found in any roll search, beat the 1927 record from a few weeks ago





1954-D X 2


1956-D X 2

1958-D X 2


1964 BU

1972 BU X 15 Somebody most have broken a BU roll and loosed them in a coinstar.

1980 Not exciting, but for being about 5-7% off centre.

1986 Red Cent, painted deep red with fingernail polish.


This time roughly a quarter of the roll was pre-1982

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My cat also has a thing for cents. He won't bother any other coins except the ones (amazingly) I'm searching through. It isn't uncommon for me to turn to check my e-mail and turn back around with two or three cents missing. I'll walk into the next room and there Dilly is, swatting the coins around like a bug.


Nice finds with the Euro and 1950's Canadian cents. Oldest Canadian cent I found was sometime in the 60's.....67 seems about right.

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I am a bit closer to the Canadian border than you are. The earliest Canadian cent I found was a 1933 several years ago. It is still not too uncommon to see GVI cents in change in Canada, I have gotten them in change there.


This particular cat loves sorting through coins on his terms. When he was on the pile he messed up all the Wheats that were neatly sorted out.

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Broke down and joined in the copper mining:

about 10 rolls to go in the $25 box.

so far:

2000 wide am cent

1939 ef

1941 ef, plated chemistry experiment

1947d vg

1952d x2 ag and f

1954d f

1955d f

1978 canada cent


About 20 nice red 60-90's to search for upgrades for the 1959-1998

book. It's fun to try to fill these memorial sets with red circulating cents, surprising how many earlier red memorial cents are still out there,,, filled the 59d spot from the last box I went through,,, was a nice red AU/EF.


~15%-20% coppers to toss in the bucket.

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