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What are current available coin securities made?


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In order to prevent counterfeiting, mints have always been trying to be one step ahead of counterfeiters.


And thus, they think of ingenious ways to do such.


Some of the easiest to the hardest that I can think of are: (they might not in any particular order)


1. Alloy mixture

2. Mass of metal per coin

3. Size restriction (i.e. +- 0.01mm on height and diameter of coin)

4. Edge

5. Planchet shape (hey, counterfeiters have been perfecting on how to make perfect circles and when it comes to unusual planchet shapes, it can cause trouble!)

6. Bi-metal / Tri-metal

7. Holograms


Are there any more securities besides these? :ninja: I am sure that I might have missed some. :lol:

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