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Beware - hijacked account selling Russian coins


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I wouldn't be suprised - to sell such expensive coins at a "bargain" is too easy to grab buyer's attention. Unfortunately, people still go for it because they know they cannot pay the full amount, which is REALLY dumb as they will not receive ANYTHING.


In the past it was easy to note as the seller is often from Ukraine. But this time, a US account. Oh my, things sure got tricky. But note, most of the time, the account is usually low, i.e. <50 feedbacks and often not used for a long period of time.


Indeed, I would be much happier to bid on a crappy copy coin instead of some "really expensive coin" for a bargain, and not receive anything.

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Found this heads-up over on the RCC newsgroup (posted by RW Julian):




Thank you for posting this. I see it is a private auction and the bidders' identities are known only to whomever hijacked the account. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to alert the bidders.


As I write this, the auctions have still not been cancelled by ebay.


Let the buyer beware!

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