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2006 Lincoln Errors?

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My CoinWorld must have been tossed out that had an article on the 2006 Lincoln errors.


Would anyone have a list of exactly what they are? I can't seem to find the post on CU about it either...

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There are numerous doubled die obverse examples of the 2005, 2005 D, 2006 and 2006 D cents. i am not sure if the 2005 dated coins are well publicized but I have found many. I alos see similar doubling on 2003 dated coins from both mints.


Look for wider numerals in the date. Notches are visible on some if it is an early die state. The mintmarks on the D issues are doubled and show nice notching.


There are also varieties that have nice doubling and notches on the word LIBERTY these do not appear to have doubling onthe date. One of the easier things to spot as the doubling appears to me more toward the center of the coin is doubling on the Y of LIBERTY. the upper left point of the upper left fork of the Y shows the notching fairly well.


There appears to be many of these varieties turning up with different degrees of doubling. I am not sure what the count is up to but there are several distinct varieties.


I hope this helps,


PS remeber to check, 2003, 2005 and 2006 cents. I havent see any on 2004 cents but that doesnt mean they don't exist. Also since the smae machinery was used to prepare the dies of other denominations, it only makes sense that doubling , as on some of the 2003, and 2004 nickels should show up on other denominations.

I have a 2006 D Dime that I have not had attributed yet that I think is a doubled die. I would check everything carefully there are new discoveries ready to be made.


Have Fun,


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