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Round 1 - Twentieth - Group 5

Which do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • 1907 Trade dollar
    • 1925 Lexington & Concord Half Dollar
    • 1944 Canada Nickel

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I had to vote against my own coin. :ninja: That is a statement of how much I like the design on the trade dollar. I will have to get one of them in the next year or so.

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Like the obverse of the trade dollar, but the reverse totally negates the obverse in my mind, it's almost like 2 different coins put together. I don't know, it's probably me and the Sam Adams I've been drinking it just doest flow.


I like V nickels from Canada

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Trade Dollar.


This particular poll shows what can happen when the person running it pairs everything up without having seen the pictures of the coins first! Generally they've worked fairly well on the random unseen pairings, this one though, ha i got caught out!

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