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This is what happens when you are careless


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Don't worry.....be happy! :lol:



I would guess it is all up to how you like your coins. If you like them toned, I'd place it in a nice mint bag, then box it. Put it in the earth, or some other place that will stay nice and solidly frozen this winter :ninja: Then bring her out and lay her in the window sill for the summer. She'd prolly come out a beauty!


But if you like them white and shiny....them's the breaks! Just send it to me...I'll give her a good home :cry:


Whatever you do, don't redip her. You'll just damage her even more.

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That coin looks much better now that it has retoned.


I don't see why people think an unnaturally bright coin stripped of its toning by dipping is an improvement, especially on circulated silver coins. Maybe it might be better on some uncirculated coins, but not circulated ones.

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