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1990 DbleDie?? Gold 'colored' penny

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The 1990 dbldie rev shows some very prominent doubling...is that doubling??


I did make a first real find (a 1998 Wide AM)!!!!! I am hooked for sure


I found a Gold "colored" penny and I can't find much info. Has anyone come across these.


Is it a foreign mistrike?


I tried to get a photo in and I hope it works OK.


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Some cents have been discovered that have been plated with brass... these are pretty common and can cause a gold coloring. They usually appear on early to mid 90's cents. I don't beleive that is a double die... look more like mechanical doubling....


as for the 1998 wide am cent...very cool find. I found one of those in circ one time as well. I remember when they first came out working with Charles Daughtery (http://www.coppercoins.com) to identify all the die pairs on the wide AM's including the 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000's

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