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After 2500 cents, the results are in.


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After searching through a $25 box of cents my final figures are this:


Average of 26.16% for the whole box was pre-1982 cents, or 654 out of 2500.


One dime.


29 Canadian cents


7 Wheat backs


2 BU 1967 Cents


About 6-8 Upgrades


Now to reroll the post-1982 cents and send them back to the bank!

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Nice finds. Anything outstanding in the wheaties?


Not really.


1944, G/VG

1951-D, F

1955, F.....not even poor-man double die :ninja:

1956-D, F/VF x 2

1957-D, G

1958-D, VF


No varities so far. Only gone back through about 1/4 of the coppers.

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