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what a good mailman


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My Morgans got here today, take a look. The first pic is of some of the CC's I got. The second pic is about half a set of mint state Morgans. In all the years I have been a collector, I have always wanted to finish a whole set of Morgans. Look's like I may be able to. I have been slowly up grading some of the MS64's to MS65 and MS66's. I should have some doubles that may be up for sale. And thanks to all who were so nice to my daughter Melissa a few days ago. This is the best forum going. :ninja:







Matt (aka LostDutchman) I have another 1879-o DPL comeing in MS65. They are very rare in DPL. If I am going to sell the MS63 DPL, you have first shot at it.



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Thanks Art. It has taken a-log time to get collection this going.



To Dockwalliper:

Yes I do have a registry set.

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