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1911 Württemberg 3 Mark

Emperor Oli

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It's a wonderful German Coin!


Minted in Stuttgart

Mintage is around 493.000

In this condition this coin is around 50€ worth.




Greetings from Germany


PS: I know you won't wanted to know the worth of this coin... I just wanted to "present" this coin to other Coinpeople :lol:

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I don't have a Krause or any other specialised book so that's super info, thanks!

I'm using the German catalog "Jäger" it's the best German catalog.


ISBN 3-924861-97-8

It costs 24,90€ It's a little bit expensive, but it containes some very important information about some coins.



What did you pay for this coin?

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That one looks gorgeous, Oli :ninja:

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Interesting. The obverse has the same "sunken" feature like the Prussian coin I bought  last autumn.


Right... the Germans minted this time some very interesting coins. Some of them are very expensive, but there are wonderful and cheap coins, too If you want to collect coins in conditions about G :ninja::lol:


Marvin from Germany

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