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Do you specialize on your banknotes collection ?

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I have to say it is a good idea and it's an easy way to begin your travel of banknotes collection!



On the subject of picking up banknote while travelling, I do that:


The Many Lovelies of China


I only got Chairman Mao notes in circulation in Beijing, but Guangzhou was where I got the older 1980-1996 series notes with the ethnic minorities on them. One of my favourite series of banknotes.

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after the amazing bunch of banknotes that vfox sent me a few weeks ago banknote collecting seems very tempting. however the huge turn off for me is that dealers over price them..alot over here.


eg a unc banknote i got from vfox (a 100 sto zlotych from poland) i saw the same thing at a dealers but highly dirty and torn in the middle for BD 4 which is 8 euros...i would have understood if the serial number was nice..but it was just random numbers..


however if given the chance in the near future by a reasonable dealer who has set realistic prices for banknotes automotive vehicles such as cars, trains, planes, etc seem to catch my eyes...followed by horses, lions and 3rd would be mythological beings eg dragons, possibly minotaurs if any banknote has an image of one etc

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Hi MyrtleBeachGuy and welcome to coinpeople!


We do have section where people can buy sell and trade banknotes but you must fulfill this condition:


Members must have at least 25 Posts and must have been a member for at least 30 Days to participate in this area.


This is so that other members in here can gain trust and confidence in you as well as reducing the number of frauds. Not saying that you are one but there are just too many out there.


Once again, thanks for join and I hope that you enjoy your stay here.

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One of the interesting way to start your banknote collection is to specialize on certain area of interest. World notes such as with a picture of a ship, fish, bird, cars, aeroplane. It can also be error notes, special numbers etc. I shall start them with birds, ships and special numbers.


I have notes with birds ships plane etc

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I do not know much about archaeology but I personally love to collect antiques or any past items used during the past but not in a big way but in a small way. Of course, old banknotes, I did it in a big way in my Straits Settlement collection.


I believe Singapore will one day put something historical into the banknotes. Two days ago in Singapore, a Singapore University lecturer manage to find a huge grave belonging to a 19th Century Tycoon in Singapore. It's a huge grave with a Shikh guardman status about 2m tall build beside the grave. In Singapore, there are many road names named after famous businessmen and people from the early Singapore. Not sure whether this happen to other countries in general.



URL removed due to self promotion

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I'm moustly collector of coins, then my collection of banknotes is small. So, paper money of Russia and Baltic region ( Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania + something from Poland, Germany and Finland ) are intheresting for me.

Of course - if I see very nice note from other place of the World .... :ninja:

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