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Oh i could get to like these

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The British have landed, the British have landed! :ninja:

One if by land, and two if by sea...they put it on an airplane and thats how it got to me!!! The cartwheel is now a permanent resident in the State of Indiana! Will be in touch very soon concerning items coming back your way. Great to add such a nice example of this one year issue to my collection! Also I HAVE COIN PEOPLE CASH!!!

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Obvious advice but use a US coin mailer....Andy,Chris take note....s*d the insured post on coins less that £250.

ALL MY problems have been with coins flopping about in a standard 9 x 4

evelope which Mr Post worker has sussed.

There is some postie git out there with a EF 1834 shilling of mine....probably brassoed it up and put on Ebay...or drilled it for a nice bit of Bling.

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The only problem i have ever had is with the use of regular envelopes. Post men will tear holes in the bottom to get the loose coins out, or they just plain old rip it open and swip the cash all together. And then have the cheek to report it as damaged in the post before they got it, so the Royal Mail then issue an official apology note acknowledging the reciever that the item was accidentally damaged in transit and how they hope this hasn't been an inconvenience to them.


I therefore now ship all of my own stuff in those bubble wrap envelopes which are a bit harder to get into. No problems thus far.

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Double wrap envelopes and make it as unobtrusive as you can.....loads of sellotape.

We have had several birthday/Xmas cards containing cash going missing.....Suffolk to Yorkshire (the Kids didn't have a bank account).

Wrap & Wrap.......If you get my drift.....and White lines don't do it......unless there're freebies...(never again).

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There must be a British version of the Safe T Mailer, isn't there? I usually use those for all coin mailings because they make a flat, solid package which doesn't reveal the shape of the coin inside. I just ran out and had to mail a few pieces in the old way. Hope they're going to arrive safely.

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