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EBay 2001D MS70 Buffalo, 04-05 Mint Set Nickels


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I have a bunch of auctions running on E-Bay right now. They are all graded PCGS unless otherwise noted. I have a bunch of 2005 and 2006 statehood quarters business strikes. Most of them grade MS66 but there is one MS67, they are of various states. Just a couple dates, very pretty. I have a 2001 Buffalo Commemorative that was graded by NGC a perfect MS70, a really beautiful coin. I also have a beautiful 1987 raw silver eagle for sale, and I also have a 1996 MS66 Washington Quarter Dollar for sale. For you nickel guys,I have a 2004 and 2005 Westward Journey Nickels, Series Keelboat Design, Two-Roll Set (2V8), Bison Series Design (4u8),and Ocean view Design (4W8) all in Mint Sealed Boxes. These are never to be minted again, get them while you can, before prices go up like the peace nickel did. Just click the link below to get the auction, and as always thank you for taking the time for looking.





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