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Tell me where this is (Part 2) - ENDED -

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Tell me where I took this picture ... and win a World Youth Day coin (see below). This time I need a city (well, place) name, not just the country.




Oh, and please note:

* One guess per member and day.

* You may narrow it down by suggesting a continent/country first, but that would of course count as one guess too.

* Open end - so if you guys are bad or lazy, this contest will run for years. (But judging from the last one, I doubt it will last very long, hehe.)


If you know the place, I will put a €2 "World Youth Day" piece (Vatican 2005) in the mail:



The coin shows the Gothic cathedral in Cologne (where the WYD was) and a comet referring to the Magi. First hint: That picture was not taken in Cologne. :ninja:



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Uh-oh. What went wrong? Not even a few wrong guesses first, nooooo ... Was it too easy? :ninja:


Indeed, that is the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán. (Easier steps than the Moon Pyramid, but many more people.) And thus --





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Well, that explains it then. I was totally surprised by your speedy reply ...

Congratulations! The coin - and also the Finnish one that Hussulo won in the other contest - will be in the mail soon.



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Congrats to the winners.


Nice contest. Golly these folks are fast on this stuff. :lol:


Great contest Tabbs... :ninja:

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