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Wisconsin giveaway

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Here's a medal from our local coin club that commemorates the Numismatists of Wisconsin show being held here in 1971. It has local themes on both sides with the obverse featuring Paul Bunyan the logger with his ox and the reverse a badger (the Wisconsin state animal)About 1½" (38mm) in diameter. In Unc. condition with a little staining at 3:00 or so on the obverse. You'll probably be the only kid on your block with one of these... :ninja: I'll also include some other item(s) from the area that have yet to be determined. Post on this thread - the winner will be picked randomly from all posters this weekend.




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Okay, the badger reminds me of the Oregon beaver. I was born in Oregon, so I guess I would like to win. You didn't say how long the post had to be. Did I mention the Oregon beaver I saw at Kagin's table at a recent show. The Oregon gold beavers are very rare. This one was so worn, only the outline of the beaver remained. About $12,000 and encapsulated, officially graded Poor. Maybe the only encapsulated coin graded poor?

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Whoa! There are some REALLY STRANGE Babe The Blue Ox pictures out there on Google Image Search!


They actually make most of the badgers look cute and cuddley!




I'm in, too, cheese! :ninja: I mean, PLEASE!




(FYI: Graham Cheese is located in Elnora, Indiana, where my aunt and uncle live, and Elnora's nickname is 'Cheese.')

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:ninja: Hear ye, hear ye, this contest has officially come to a close.


Now that the enrollment period is over, I'm going to change the giveaway...LOL. This is how it's going to work. The first poster in line (Tiffibunny in this case) is going to have to make a choice...do you want the Paul Bunyan medal or "Blackhawk's Mystery"? After your choice, the hidden item will then be revealed by me in my next post. The next person in line will get to choose between what Tiffany did not pick and another hidden item and so on.


Tiffany, post your choice on the thread and the good luck. :lol:

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