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Tell me where this is ... (ENDED)

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... and you can win! I would like to know where - ie. in which city - this picture was taken.

(Actually I know where it is because I took it, hehe.)




Since I don't do contests that often, there are two prizes. Get the country right, and I will send you a €5 coin (Finland 2006) commemorating the demilitarization of the Åland 150 years ago.


(Looks "golden" but is actually Nordic Gold, like the 10, 20 and 50 cent coins.)


If you know the city, I will put a €2 "World Youth Day" piece (Vatican 2005) in the mail:



(Edit: One guess per member and day. This "one guess" can be a country, or a city, or both.)



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how many guesses?

In what time frame?

One guess per member and day. This "one guess" can be country, or a city, or both.


There is no "deadline" though. Sooner or later one of you will come up with the right answers ...



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Barcelona, Spain.

Spain is right! If you want the "Åland" coin, send me a PM with your address.


The other suggestions - Barcelona, Rome, Italy - are wrong, sorry.

And yes, one city and/or country per day; see my first message that I edited when Erik asked. So try again everybody, or try tomorrow. :ninja:



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Well well well ...


Figueres is right -- the image shows the court, so to say, of the Teatro-Museu Dalí.



The court or patio from the initial message can be viewed here:


(click the "Museum's central patio" panorama link)


Now if I simply replied, hey, what about that "one guess per day" thing???, it would of course be easy for the next one to "guess" based on your suggestion.


Hmm hmm hmm.



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